Hero Norway – A Global Media Storm

Interviews on BBC, CNN, French, German, Danish, Canadian and Dutch TV. Dozens of international media inquiries – from Brazil to the Vatican – and even more news articles. Among others AFP, the Independent, Libération, the New York Times and Reuters.

Photo: Hallgeir Vågenes, VG

The above interviews, media inquiries and news articles are the results of the global, and positive, media storm Hero Norge experienced in January 2016. Hero Norge is the largest private operator of asylum centres/refugee centres in Norway.     

The company created rape prevention courses targeted at asylum seekers. The interest for these courses exploded after the assaults in Cologne. Suddenly, journalists from all over the world wanted to talk to Hero.

Geelmuyden Kiese functioned as the company’s international press contact. We dealt with all media inquiries. Additionally, we advised Hero throughout the process. We were part of the planning and execution of two rape prevention courses at asylum centre in Stavanger. At these courses both Norwegian and international press were present. TV2 made a news report, which can be seen here.

The Hero Norge assignment was exciting and rewarding. With great results.

Account Manager