Its not what it looks like

Every day, thousands of children and teenagers follow their role models online. These influencers are often young people posting text, pictures or videos about themselves and their everyday lives in social media. In this stream of information, advertising messages are often mixed. When it is not clear that the influencer has been paid to promote a product, it´s called hidden advertising. That´s illegal.

Children and teenagers lack knowledge about this topic, because they don´t learn enough about it at home. So, by talking to these children through their parents, the Norwegian Media Authority wanted to make it easier for both parties to talk about hidden advertising in social media – and easier for children and young people to recognize it.

That’s why we developed a campaign based on a fictional influencer, who calls himself “The wishlist generator”. He writes wish lists for your children based on what products he gets paid to promote.


Do you want to know more about this campaign? Contact client director Haakon Forren.