Knowledge grows

Yara International has offices in more than 60 countries, and the company produces and sells mineral fertilizer and products to the agricultural industry in 160 countries. Yara can thus be said to be the most important Norwegian company in the world, but they had not communicated well enough how and what they contribute to worldwide.

Particularly important is the role Yara plays in the food and climate area globally. Yara’s fertilizer products ensure food to 300 million people every single day. And through local presence and knowledge sharing, Yara also ensure positive development in local communities around the world.

This was the first time Yara ran a campaign of this magnitude in Norway, and it was desirable to reach as widely as possible within the Norwegian population. Therefore, almost the entire toolbox was used: Film, outdoor, paid content articles, infomercials for social media and PR.

The main object of the campaign was brandbuilding – not to sell products. We wanted Norway to have a greater understanding of who Yara is and what they actually contribute to globally. As said in the campaign: “Since 1905, Yara has made it possible to grow the food world needs. 100 years later we can grow so much more. ”