Not Okay

In Norway, almost every other 16-year-old girl experiences sexually offensive hatred. Few people have been exposed to cyberbullying as much as Amalie Olsen, Norway’s most popular female YouTuber. Going through Amalie’s social media profiles we found a lot of hateful language.

Hateful comments stick to your body, even if it doesn’t show. We decided to bring these words to life – by painting them on to her skin.Through an interactive website, we gave young Norwegians a chance to erase the hate together.Little by little, the hatred disappeared, and within a week, 40 percent of the target group engaged in the campaign.

And just as cyberbullying often happens under the radar of parents, the campaign happened without them even knowing about it. So, we told them. Or rather, the Prime Minister did.

In addition to 2.2 million in social media reach, in a country of 5 million, half of the Norwegian population was exposed to the campaign through national media. The campaign encouraged teenagers to spread the message: Bullying is not ok.