Riot Games – Global and European Host City Partnerships

The Experience 

Ronnie and his team have helped us translate our unique universe to information and processes that cities can understand and support. Finding a balance between educative and explanative but keeping our essence and complexities top of mind, while maintaining proactive and generating bids beyond our expectation – Alban Dechelotte, Riot Games 

The Brief 

Riot games is the creator and IP owner of the renowned game League of Legends. The title’s esport format, is divided across 12 regional leagues, with every region playing their finals on a large show arena.   

The company has the objective to reach as many fans as possible and has opted to host the league finals in a different city for every edition.  

Consequently, the European team offers the cities the unique opportunity of a host city partnership, treated as a prime partner and allowing the city to activate the rights to deliver on a variety of strategies.   

Riot games were aiming at obtaining offers from a variety of cities and commissioned GK with the task to create an RFP strategy and distribution of materials for the negotiation of partnerships. 

The actions 

GK developed a world-class RFP, combining all the uniqueness and charm of League of Legends; together with all the materials a city needs to place a bid.   

GK conducted the economic impact studies for their events and worked together with Riot Games to place the key findings in industry media, increasing hype amongst city officials. 

Gexecuted personal distribution of the RFP for target cities, collecting all expressions of interest and managing all the personal relations 

Alongside Riot, GK coordinated all site visits traditional to these processes and mediated negotiations between parties.   

The Results 

The campaign resulted in magnificent bids from desired cities, exceeding level of expectation and involvement from officials.  

The bids included an element of financial support, cost reductions and optimization on obtention of permits and access to iconic locations.   

Further, the European team has now recommended GK to the global team, to apply the process on their exciting international properties, MSI and ASE.