Samsung The Frame

Because Samsung The Frame represents something completely new within the TV-category, and certainly lives up to Samsung’s mantra “defying barriers”, its Nordic launch had to be spectacular. We therefore flew in media and influencers from the Nordic countries to the remote and harsh archipelago Lofoten in northern Norway, to an art exhibition like no other.


To create a buzz in new segments around a highly innovative product within a category traditionally focused on technical specifications rather than design.


The Frame is a new TV from Samsung, characterized by unique design and the fact that it turns into a piece of art when turned off. After the European launch at the Louvre in Paris, the Nordic market was next in line. The launch hence had to reflect defying barriers on many levels.

Samsung also wanted to reach a completely new segment, as a traditional TV launch usually is only covered by tech media. This time, they would rather reach the lifestyle- and design segment. We hence decided to invite them to a unique art exhibition.


In Henningsvær, a small fishing village in Lofoten, Norway, we found a world-class gallery for contemporary art whose current exhibition was named «Painting or not», questioning what actually defines art. As Henningsvær and the Kaviar Factory are located far off the beaten track, it was important to tailor the invitations and programme when inviting media. Our goal was 40 influencers and media from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, which is optimistic considering two days of travel for a busy target group. We hence worked out a programme that would make it interesting for attendees within interior design, arts and tech.

Over 40 handpicked guests from Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway came to witness the launch, as well as 20 Samsung representatives and partners. This day, they experienced “defying barriers” in two ways. First, on the rough waves of the Norwegian Sea. Thereafter, by attending the exhibition opening of The Frame. Some of the most influential influencers within interior design, tech and design shared their experience in social media, reaching the target group across Scandinavia.

GK was in charge of planning and executing the actual event, as well as creating a launch video to be distributed in Samsung’s SoMe-channels.


  • 1 The Nordic region has become the leading market for sales worldwide
  • 113 Articles mentioning the Frame from launch until Sept.
  • 417 000 € Ad value
  • 19,8 mill. Reach