The Saviour

Sexual harassment is everywhere. However, those working in the hospitality and nightlife industry are particularly exposed. With the festive season just around the corner, The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority and the social partners within this sector wanted to highlight this problem.

 We introduced “The Saviour” – a drink that solves a problem. The Saviour was nothing more than a fancy glass of water. But like all famous drinks and cocktails, it had a backstory. The story was served with the drink – on a coaster.

 The bars that put this drink on their menu gave their guests a signal of zero tolerance for sexual harassment. It also gave the management and staff an opportunity to talk about sexual harassment, what’s not acceptable at work, and what to do if or when something occurs.

 The media coverage reached over 3 million, more than half of Norway’s population, and since its launch more than 100 bars, restaurants and nightclubs have introduced The Saviour on their menus.