The Saviour

Together Against Sexual Harassment


As the last year has shown us, sexual harassment is all around us. According to the national bureau of statistics in Norway (SSB), however, those working in hospitality and the nightlife industry are particularly exposed. In fact, more than 20 percent of those working here have experienced sexual harassment at least once within the last six months.

The last month or so before Christmas, when everyone goes out the celebrate and party with friends and colleagues the situation is particularly problematic. With the festive season just around the corner, The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority and the social partners within this sector wanted to highlight this problem.

However, the bars, restaurants and nightclubs see it as difficult to address the topic of sexual harassment, both internally and especially towards their guests. After all, they don’t want anything to ruin the party.

What could we bring to the table that would make both clientele and staff aware of the problem, but in a way that does not ruin the good mood they are so dependent on?


Enter The Saviour – the drink that solves a problem.

Or, it’s not exactly a drink. In fact, it’s nothing more than a fancy glass of water. What’s special about it, as with all famous drinks and cocktails, is the story behind it and the message served on its coaster:

« Welcome.
We wish all guests and employees a fantastic night.
Together against sexual harassment. »

To really underline the importance and secure interest around The Saviour, we allied ourselves with two of the most recognized bartenders and one of the best food & drink-photographers in Norway. Together with them we developed six different theme-based The Saviours and presented them as the most luxurious cocktails.

Together with the client group we decided to keep all the material unbranded, since we wanted bars and restaurants to really commit to this and make the communication and presentation of The Saviour their own. And after all, who was behind the initiative wasn’t important, the cause itself was.

We then teamed up with six of the most popular bars and clubs in Oslo and launched The Saviour on the first of the busy festive season-weekends, catching the interest of both clientele, the industry and the media.

Through serving The Saviour bars, restaurants and clubs could give their guests a signal of their zero-tolerance for sexual harassment while making it a likeable and positive experience.

However, how the drink served a role as a «Trojan horse» was just as important. Because, The Saviour also provided management and staff at the bars and restaurants the necessary opportunity to talk about sexual harassment at their respective workplaces: What sexual harassment is, what’s not acceptable at work, and what to do if or when it occurs.

The results:
In just a few weeks the media coverage of the initiative reached over 3 million – more than half of Norway’s population.

Among the most notable clippings were long segments on the evening news of the two largest TV-channels, NRK and TV2, and in Dagbladet, the second-largest tabloid newspaper. Several important industry-media covered The Saviour as well, all applauding the campaign and highlighting its importance.

After the launch where we teamed up with six nightclubs, more than 100 new bars, restaurants and clubs have since introduced The Saviour on their menus.

In 2018 The Saviour will be rolled out across all of Norway – and there is also interest from the other Nordic countries to replicate the campaign in their markets.