The World’s Biggest Amusement Park

Client: The Norwegian trekking association (DNT)


DNT is Norway’s largest outdoor activities organization. In 2016 they launched family memberships for the first time. However, DNT was not at all associated with activities and offers for families with children. Instead parents usually spend both time and money on activities that they don ́t even enjoy themselves.

Our focus was to showcase DNT’s new and improved offers to families, and shift the perception of DNT as not being family-friendly.

Instead of fearing the competition from all other facilities that targeted towards parents of small children, we wanted to go head to head with them. So for the summer of 2016 we decided to relaunch nature as “the world’s biggest amusement park”.


We created a digital universe that gave parents the chance to see nature as kids see it: A magical place with endless possibilities and activities to enjoy. Through social media (mainly Facebook) and owned, existing channels (such as newsletters and DNT’s website), we caught our target group’s attention through a series of short videos depicting children’s take on nature. This lead them into a website where they could explore nature unveiling its magic, just like their children would do when spending time outdoors.

The website had 5 different areas, one for each type of terrain one would find in Norwegian nature. At first, each area looked like just another beautiful nature panorama, but when moving the cursor over the image, strange things started to unveil. Funny monsters, fairytale landscapes and odd animals pop up, giving parents a sneak peak of the world seen through children’s eyes. The site also had a “trail tip-generator”, to help parents come up with fun games and activities to do while hiking.


To document how families used our amusement park, we encouraged them to share their adventures on Instagram. During the summer, images tagged with #mittlekeland (#myamusementpark) poured in, and by the end of summer more than 14 000 unique and inspiring pictures had been shared and tagged. The movies had more than 380 000 views, and thousands of likes and shares. The website had over 10 000 unique visitors, and several thousand received tips through our trail tip generator.

The initiative also gained a lot of media attention, with more than 50 articles on ouramusement park published during the campaign period. And most importantly: DNT set a record for paying members, passing 280 000 members for the first time, a 7,3 % increase from 2015. The cabins owned by DNT also set a record in visitors and number of sleepovers. A large part of this increase, came from families and children that went out and visited “the world’s biggest amusement park”.