Unfasten Yourself

For far too long, young women have seen Sloggi´s underwear as outdated and unsexy. We wanted to kill these myths once and for all. Sloggi is known to be comfortable- and we wanted to make comfortable the new sexy. Sloggi´s underwear should not curb your enthusiasm, as your curves are beautiful just the way they are.

With the concept “Unfasten yourself” we encouraged young Norwegian women to break free from social norms. To be free, to be themselves and be comfortable in their own bodies.

We invited a handful of strong female artists to interpret the female liberation, and share the message through their own channels. This resulted in The Unfastened Collective, were the audience could experience music, illustration, text and photography. Inspired and created by female role models. The goal behind the collective was to pay homage to the modern woman, and inspire women to raise their voices, express their opinions and be proud of who they are.

The campaign gained a lot of publicity in earned media, both online and print. But more importantly, the Unfastened collective was a huge success on social media. The target group, and a variety of fashion- and cultural personalities, embraced the campaign. Resulting in over 140 000 reactions, and a reach of more than 2 000 000.