Madeleine Delp Bergsjø is a content creator at Geelmuyden Kiese. She has previously worked with content production in the advertising agency SMFB, for the startup reMarkable and as a journalist for Norwegian broadcasting channel, NRK P3. She has experience from customers such as IKEA, Paleet, Moroccanoil, Høyskolen Kristiania, Samsung and NSB/Vy. She also works with video content with the GK Desk initiative, as well as running the internal social media department of the agency. Madeleine holds a BA in Journalism and Visual Arts from Griffith College Dublin and Norges Kreative Fagskole, sociology at NTNU and an Master’s of Arts in Media and Communications from City, University of London. During her studies she was an editor at Norway’s largest student festival UKA in Trondheim. With studies in photojournalism from New York and master specialization in identity and self-presentation on social media, she has a penchant for digital storytelling, visual- and social media.