Ebba is a Senior Project Manager. She runs larger projects often with complex and heavy production with a sharp focus on quality and efficiency. Not much rattles her and her greatest skills lays within digital production and filmmaking. Ebba has in recent years worked with project management in both retail, advertising and production for the Workshop, the retail Agency and the OneMotion IMC. Up until that, she ran her own company within design. She has been both operational and strategic project manager and has worked with brands such as Telenor, Orvelin, Nespresso, Intel, Orvelin, Elecrolux, Fiskars, Edrington, Fujizu, Goodby Kansas, ICA, Intel, Cykloteket, Forumgallerian, Lyoness and Fillour Ebba Mannerfelt is educated at De Monfort University and Berghs School of Communication in Design Management & Innovation as well as in strategic project management.