Red Bull Drift Shifters – Host City Partnerships

The experience 

Ronnie and his team were instrumental in our process of finding the best possible fit for a Host City. Offering unique insights in the cities’ thought process, how to present our event in the most attractive way and distributing our RFP to key people in the administration. Furthermore, they very elegantly demonstrated the value of hosting a Red Bull event and helped us secure several high-quality bids – Jonathan Bay, Red Bull  

The Brief 

Red Bull is not only the most significant brand of energy drink, but also the most prominent extreme sports organizer in the world. 

Their Iconic Red Bull Drift Shifters competition has a strong following amongst motor sport fans. After years of the competition travelling abroad, Red Bull decided to bring the competition to the Viking country of Denmark.  

Red Bull had the strategy to move the Drift Shifters out of the big cities, to a less urban location.  

To make a supreme motorsport event, Red Bull depends on strong collaborations with the host city. They require extensive permits, public space, security from authorities, collaboration with public services and more. close partnership and involvement from their host governmentwill ensure a better the event– reducing substantial costs and practical work for Red Bull. Additionally, it opens a new revenue stream through a substantial host city fee, generated from selling sponsor rights to the cities. 

The actions 

GK designed a tailored process to address public partners that fulfilled Red Bull’s hosting requirements 

GK reached out to the network of host city officials, calling on the existing relations and developing the newly acquired  

The 38 most optimal partners received a stellar RFP, presenting the value propositions of becoming a host city partner.  

A majority of the cities expressed interest and 6 municipalities were asked to engage in the final bidding process. GK supported both the interested municipalities and Red Bull to make the best match.  

The Results 

The campaign resulted in Red Bull receiving the most significant public sponsorship in the Nordics to date, a great partner to assist with permits and marketing of the event, and new public contacts interested in hosting future Red Bull events.