Host City Outreach

We assist right holders and event organisers reach great partnerships with public authorities all over the world.

Right holders that have integrated agreements with destinations, cities, countries, or regions can rely on support from authorities in structural, economic, and practical ways. It makes events more powerful and provides a platform for new revenue sources, reducing costs, mitigating risks, and running a smoother event all together. 

Modern host cities do not just see events as a mean to generate economic impact through visitors and activity. Cities, regions and countries now see hosting of major events as a tool to leverage existing strategies within social, economic and communication 

Hosting meaningful events has an effect on peoples’ lives, it opens an opportunity to make a change, to communicate and foster engagement like no other medium can. 

As an event organizer, working along the hosting government makes your event more powerful. It can help reduce your costs, obtain financial support, as well as share and mitigate risks.  

A long-lasting partnership allows rights holders to make enduring plans for the future, relying on the ongoing commitment from the political framework and practical assistance, such as permits, customs and integration into the city promotional spaces.  

At Geelmuyden Kiese we have worked with host cities for long, we know their language and what they are looking for in partnersWe help them understand the worth of the rights your organization offers and handle all the ongoing contact until negotiation. We make sure officials are well versed in your offer and are ready to action, saving your organizations substantial amounts of work and know-how from the offset.  

Geelmuyden Kiese’s Outreach service

At Geelmuyden Kiese we maintain the world’s largest, most up-to-date database of host city contacts and have extensive experience in partnerships between right holders and the public sector globally.

Our service offers a methodology based on a number of successful campaigns, following processes and vocabulary cities are familiar with, raising the level of public involvement and investment.

How we help right holders and event organizers:

  • Design the process for acquisition of hosting partners. 
  • Procurement of host cities, regions and countries. 
  • Mediate negotiations and initialise partnership contracts.
  • Analysis of effects – economic impact, social impact and fulfilment of your contract with the hosting partner. 
  • Advise on post-event relations, review of the partnership and assistance on agreement renewals and extensions.


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