All brands have a story that needs to be told.


The fight for attention is consistent in multiple channels simultaneously. The consumer seeks brands that fits their lifestyle, not the other way around. Brands PR is about being where the consumer is at, and create relevant brand experiences. Together we create brand communication that touches the consumer.

Lifestyle is our everyday life. It is what we wear, what we eat, the music we listen to, the trips we go on, and the app’s we download. Brands is the way we choose to live.

Brands are not just products. They are a part of our identity. We help lift our client’s products so that they become relevant, topical, close and real.

It is about being present where the target group is situated, regardless of channel, time and place.

Examples of services GK Brands deliver: 

  • Creative concept development
  • Social media counseling
  • Influencer- and ambassador program
  • Brand experience and event
  • Storytelling
  • Trend counseling
  • PR-counseling and press office
  • Campaigns in traditional, digital and social media
  • Press releases and media pitching
  • Product distribution
  • Reporting