Energy and Enviromental

The Energy Revolution


No sector is going through more radical changes than the energy sector. The most important processes of change are happening in Brussels.

This autumn Norway celebrated the 50th anniversary of the drilling vessel Ocean Traveler’s first exploration on the Norwegian continental shelf. It was the beginning of the Norwegian oil and gas fairytale that has made us one of the wealthiest nations on earth.

Now, this fairytale is coming to an end. The energy systems around the world are changing rapidly, and as an energy nation we must utilize our knowledge and technology in order to profit from the new energy market. Increasing demand for renewable energy in Europe, combined with intelligent management systems, transfers market power from producers to consumers. The EU is envisioning an integrated and de-carbonized energy market, which will provide energy security and jobs. To get there, Europe needs Norwegian gas and renewable electricity, in addition to both our competence and technology.

The conditions of the new European energy market will be negotiated over the next two years. Participation in this preparatory work demands an effort from both the business sector and national authorities in Norway and Brussels.

To us in GK, changes mean new possibilities. We would love to get in touch with people interested in participating in the process of shaping the new Energy market in Europe.