Retail, Food & FMCG

The convenience race.


The battle for clients is toughening, and trends are changing with increasing rates. Are you still with us?

Time is one of the scarcest factors we humans have. Therefore, time also largely controls trends in society. Everything that can be done more easily is made easier. Everything that can be done faster, is made quicker. And anything that can be made cheaper is made less expensive. And then it must be healthy, sustainable and socially responsible, of course. Globally, this megatrend is called “The Race to Convenience.” We call it convenience race.

GK has established a specialized industry group where we have gathered all of our expertise in retail, food, nutrition and FMCG to help our customers access up to date knowledge, understand the changes in society, and adapt their business to these changes. We have experience from the entire value chain, from farm to table, and have a long record of experiences from a wide range of customers to show for ourselves.

Our mission is to assist strategically, tactically and operationally to build a bridge between your brand, society, and the things that your target groups are passionate about.

When you work in retail, FMCG, food or nutrition it is absolutely essential to understand how to better succeed by means of communication. Which debates should I a be part of? Which should I own? What are the consequences of social change to my business? Whether you are launching a new product, need to gather support for an important issue, or building a long-term brand, it is crucial to know your way around the system and the trends, and to understand who your key stakeholders are. That, we can help you with.

Geelmuyden Kiese can deliver:

  • Launch of new products and services
  • Campaigns
  • Positioning
  • Digital marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Events
  • Strategic, tactic and operational communication counseling
  • Analysis and reports
  • Government contact
  • Crisis- and emergency counseling
  • Media training