Tourism: The fastest growing industry in the world.


Today nearly 140 000 people work in the Norwegian tourism industry.  There could be twice as many.

The tourism industry is the fastest growing industry in the world. Over the last 10 years the industry has doubled in size, and tourism today accounts for about 5 percent of the Norwegian industry total value – larger than traditional industries such as agriculture, forestry and fishing. Only the oil industry, with its approximately 250,000 employees, is larger.

What if we managed to make the tourism industry even bigger, even more central? What will it take to create an industry as large and as significant as the oil industry has historically been? It will require more than just volume in terms of tourists and travelers. And those who will be most successful are those who are able to build a strong brand, known for other things than just fjords, mountains and natural phenomena. In order to succeed, it will be of paramount importance to understand the tourist, and create those unique experiences that is worth spending a little more money to encounter.

The potential for the industry is enormous, and we have yet to be able to take advantage of more than just a small fraction of this potential. New technology, digitalization and growing need for self-realization in the western world has opened up to previously unimagined possibilities.

In order to position yourself and your business within this growth industry, where Airbnb, foodor, Uber and Ericka are only just beginning to establish themselves, knowledge and insight about this industry’s developments are crucial. Whether you want to defend your market position or find yourself a brand new one, implementation capabilities and good planning will be needed.

Geelmuyden Kiese can deliver:

  • Development of identity- and brand platforms
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