Attention can be bought. Advertising is probably the most honest and crystal clear communication discipline

Not every message is suited for social media or in an edited article. Advertising is often a natural part of the communication mix. Good advertisements can unlock debates that live on in edited media, in social media or on the bus, for that sake.

It is right there, in the balance between insight, creativity and technological possibilities we create effective advertising campaigns. We understand how old and new platforms relate to each other, and how people use different media.

Good advertising evokes engagement. Sometimes through a film. Sometimes radio spots, or printed adverts. Sometimes in social media. Sometimes a little of everything. Sometimes a lot. All campaigns are different, but every successful campaign always manages to adapt to the media used.

Our sizable team holds all the expertise and experience needed to provide advertising services of the highest quality. Somewhat unique to GK, the advertising specialists work in close relations with other specialists in every other communication discipline. Not as a different department, but as a genuine team. The results? We create advertising aligned with your overall strategy and the movements in society.

Geelmuyden Kiese’s services:

  • Market strategy
  • Creative concept
  • Copy, art direction and design
  • Motion graphics
  • Digital development and programming
  • Production of film, radio, print and digital solutions.