Crisis management

From «Golden Hour» to «Golden Minutes»

Crises occur when least expected. Terrorism, computer crimes and social media have left us vulnerable. Your company’s crisis response plan and routines are crucial.

In Geelmuyden Kiese we define a crisis as an event that suddenly shakes the trust towards the business. There are many different crises, but all crises tend to occur when least expected. That is when your preparations pay off.

Crises put up the most arduous tests for any organisation. The demand for information is close to unlimited, whereas available organisational resources are scarce. And, to make it worse, crises escalate much faster than they used to. We say “the Golden Hour” has become “the Golden Minutes”. Within seconds the incident is shared and discussed with thousands on Facebook and Twitter.

For 25 years Geelmuyden Kiese has handled crises of all sizes. Our seasoned team consists of professional crisis managers who know how to lead during crises and are experts on giving operational support in demanding situations.

Our objective in any crisis is to attain business as usual as soon as possible. It is quite straight forward, really: Just make the right strategic decisions, and provide the right information at the right time. In short, this is our contribution.

With responsive handling and proactive communication you will be able to prevent crises, limit the damage and maintain trust and credibility.

We assist you and your company before, under and after a crisis:


  • Risk assessment
  • Develop and revise routines, tools and emergency plans
  • Spokesperson training
  • Plan, execute, lead and evaluate emergency exercise.
  • 24/7 media response team
  • Courses and inspiration key note presentations


  • 24/7 support and separate emergency control office
  • Strategic counselling
  • Operative media and stakeholder handling
  • Media monitoring and report


  • Debrief and post-analysis
  • Develop plan to rebuild reputation
  • Revise routines, tools and emergency plans