Knowledge and trust has a market value

Returns and profits depend on knowledge and trust. Business is about people as much as markets. We help your company build trust in the market through enhanced communication.

Trust is crucial for your company’s ability to succeed in the market. Trust is built by reliable behaviour and good results over time. However, numbers alone are hardly very persuasive, but as corner stones of good stories the numbers are both credible and convincing.

In Geelmuyden Kiese we combine financial and communicational expertise to help build the position and the credibility your company deserves. Our team has broad experience within IR and communication from some of the country’s largest listed companies. Since 1989 we have assisted organisations in building trust amongst shareholders, investors, employees, authorities and other stakeholders.

We can assist your company with:

  • IPOs and funding
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Financial communication and IR
  • Media handling
  • Building investor relations
  • Stakeholder analysis – mapping of opinions and stance
  • Regulatory analysis and input to decision making processes in the Scandinavian countries and EU.