Every brand has a story longing to be told

The battle for attention has reached more channels than ever. Consumers are constantly looking for brands to support their lifestyle. Lifestyle PR is about being present where the consumers are and create positive brand experiences. 

Lifestyle is our daily lives; what we chose to wear, what we chose to eat, what we listen to, where we travel, and which smart phone apps we download. Lifestyle is the way we chose to live.

Brands are not just products, but important parts of our identity. Our job is to increase the relevance, actuality and perceived genuineness of products.

That is all about being present where the target group is, regardless of channel, time or place.

GK Lifestyle services:

  • Creative concept development
  • Social Media advice
  • Influencer and ambassador programs
  • Brand experiences and events
  • Story telling
  • Trend cast and advise
  • PR and press office
  • Campaigns in traditional, digital and social media
  • Press releases and story pitching
  • Product seeding
  • Reports and analysis