About us

Who is Geelmuyden Kiese?

A Scandinavian communications agency with offices in Oslo, Stockholm & Copenhagen

Geelmuyden Kiese is a diverse team of independent people with knowledge and a clear standpoint

At Geelmuyden Kiese, we create communication that produces change. For your business and for our society.


Our more than 100 consultants and 30 years of experience with the most complex issues help you create the energy, courage and direction that are needed to ensure real change.

We focus on how communication and interest management can create the greatest value for your business. We find the core of your story, identify the business potential in developments in society, and help you to influence policy, media and people; now and in the future.

All of this is made possible by some of Scandinavia’s cleverest and most creative minds, original ideas, and an insistence that creativity lies at the heart of communication.

Geelmuyden Kiese is Scandinavia’s oldest partner-owned communications agency, with offices in Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen.

Our Values

At Geelmuyden Kiese, we work towards a transparent society.

We believe that better communication produces better decisions and a better society.

We believe that even the smallest companies have a great responsibility for the development.

We believe that diversity is a strength and that big brains rarely think in the same way.

But we are bound together by our values, which constitute the basic principles for our counseling and our relationship with colleagues.

  • Transparency

    Transparency is a prerequisite for trust, and trust is necessary to instigate change. Transparency is also the foundation for collaboration, empathy and learning. We strive to be open, and we encourage our clients to be the same, even when it is difficult. We live and work with transparency.

  • Integrity

    We build trust over time by giving our clients our best advice, also when we think that the client wants to hear something different.

  • Courage

    We believe that creative, changemaking communication is courageous. We challenge ourselves and our surroundings to move outside our comfort zone, to set ambitious goals and to build up the stamina we need to reach them.

  • A sense of humor

    We value humor as a liberating source of both learning and collaboration during challenging processes.