Geelmuyden Kiese is not concerned with communication in itself, but of the changes that communication can create. We call it to shift power. Read more about Geelmuyden Kiese here.

Oslo | Benny Damsgaard - 28/11

P for preparation to Folkemødet

The preparations for a successful Folkemøde recalls the creation of the Finance Act. You must start the year before, know its limitations and have a strategy – but you can come away with less work.

Oslo | Øivind Winge - 24/11

The Farmand Prize 2017

The Farmand Prize (“Best annual report”) is a the most prestigious award for annual reports in Norway, and has been awarded every year since its creation in 1955.

Oslo | Vibeke Hauge - 20/11

Go Trondheim!

As the first municipality in Norway, Trondheim now introduces a lobby register. We cheer them on, and ask in good Norwegian fashion: “What’s not to like?”

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