We shift power

Shaping society with communication. We support clients who are strongly engaged in society, as well as clients in sectors with a large regulatory focus.

Using a combination of political, business, and cultural insight, together with creativity, we help our clients initiate conversations and activities that open and shape society and that strengthen the clients’ position.

We move power

Our award-winning communication has been helping our customers to be seen, heard, and listened to for more than 30 years. We know that good communication can be the key to major changes, and we give advice to those who dare to move society forward. We call this "moving power".


How can we help?

At Geelmuyden Kiese, we combine many different areas of expertise within communication to give your company or organization the position and credibility it deserves in meeting the outside world. We do not work with communication for the sake of communication, but because we believe that communication can help change the world.

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Geelmuyden Kiese is one of Scandinavia’s largest communication agencies with offices in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen

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