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Enables better homes for our communities

H+H produces and sells aircrete and calcium silicate bricks to several European markets and through their products, enables better homes. GK has developed a creative concept and communication products for the launch of H+H's purpose, promises, and behaviours. The aim of this is to increase and foster company pride among employees as well as establish better understanding of H+H's value creation for customers, partners, and ultimately society.

The Challenge

Today, H+H has grown into one of the largest producers of aircrete and calcium silicate bricks in Europe. As a result of this growth, the need for a coherent narrative of the company's contribution to society has increased. Therefore, H+H has developed a strong purpose, promises and behaviours based on the company's long-standing history and focus on people, quality, and partnership. Accordingly, a strong creative concept and communication products were needed to ensure a successful launch to H+H's key European markets.

Strategy and Execution

GK mapped out the rationale behind H+H's purpose, promises and behaviours, which gave the necessary insights to design a concept and narrative that would work both internally and externally. The story was realized in the form of a film, booklet, and posters, which together explain H+H's contribution to enabling better homes in the communities they are a part of. In collaboration with their partners, H+H creates the surroundings our lives in the homes we live in. And thanks to the walls, we have a space to be alone, be together, be active, and everything in between.


We succeeded in creating a concept that generates pride among employees and shows the value of working with partners to enable better homes in society. The concept communicates directly to the receiver, from the factory floor to the corner office – across borders. The film, booklet, and posters showcase why H+H as a company makes sense in a larger context and creates a solid foundation for H+H's branding towards customers, partners, and in society.

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