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A series of creative collaborations for PR and exposure of the exclusive products in LG's premium brand LG SIGNATURE. In the Swedish market there are today four products: 88" 8K OLED-TV, Wine Cellar, Refrigerator and Washer/Dryer. They are created to spearhead LG's design and innovation development, to show a path ahead and make our lives better and smarter.

The Challenge

LG wanted to strengthen the communication of its premium top product line, mainly in traditional media. Because these are exclusive products with big price tags, the main target group is narrow and connected to limitations in public awareness and media outlets. On the other hand there is also a potential public interest as the products showcase attractive new solutions and features that soon will be established as defining for the technical development in the years to come. During a period with no new product launches the challenge was to offer to media attractive content with relevant actuality for publication.

Strategy and Execution

GK developed a versatile format for collaborations and partnerships with noted creatives, who through craftsmanship and personality match LG's highest level of ambition and vision ”Art Inspires Technology, Technology Completes Art”.

Selected media was invited to a series of exclusive events, bringing focus to LG SIGNATURE's prime features and advanced solutions for sustainability. Johan Magnusson, of Sweden's top commercial wine cellar, demonstrated storage and best serving of valuable wines in connection to the features presented by the cutting-edge technology of LG SIGNATURE's Wine Cellar. Mischa Billing, well-known expert from Swedish Masterchef, shared insights in upcoming international trends in food and taste as well as the possibilities of modern refrigeration technology for best preservation of products and flavours. Iconic fashion designer Lars Wallin lectured on sustainability, clothing care and challenged our expectations about machine washing by designing a delicate couture dress made for going into the LG SIGNATURE washing machine. Together with artist duo Alexandrov Klum we produced an entire pop-up art exhibition in central Stockholm, to demonstrate the amazing potential for detailed visuals in extreme 8K OLED TV resolution.


All events generated valuable contacts with media, and by offering strong content they resulted in much press coverage where both brand and product were well integrated in the published articles. Total reach can be estimated to approx. 4 million viewings in traditional and social media. 36 articles were published in many important Swedish media outlets and magazines. Also, the concept SIGNATURES by LG SIGNATURE has now been established and can be used to initiate more creative collaborations where innovative technology and art/design can merge and inspire.

  • 4 millionviewings in trad. & social media
  • 36 articlesin magazines and and newspapers

Event with Johan Magnusson, of Magnusson Fine Wine, for LG SIGNATURE's vibration free Wine Cellar with several temperature controlled zones and many smart features.

Event at Restaurang Hillenberg with Mischa Billing, about trends in food and taste, sustainability and best preservation of products and flavours.

Lars Wallin hosted an exclusive preview of his new atelier at Stockholm's No. 1 department store Nordiska Kompaniet, and as the 2022 brand ambassador of the LG SIGNATURE Washer/Dryer he presented a new couture dress specially designed for being able to go in the washing machine and demonstrating its features for clothing care and steam programs.

Iris and Mattias Alexandrov Klum as product ambassadors for LG SIGNATURE's astonishing 88" 8K OLED-TV.

The collaboration with Lars Wallin was presented in an official video for social media sharing.

When Lars Wallin opened his new atelier for an exclusive preview a few weeks before its official launch, we also produced a quick video for immediate publication on his IG Stories.

”This ad makes me wanna buy this machine for real! Brilliant commercial from clever perspective. A professional like Wallin who, even in my industry [theater / film], does something difficult, but congenially salable!”

”Wonderful. Great ad! I want a machine like this!!!” / "Fantastic want one of those :)” / ”Immediately got me interested!”

  • Instant positive feed-back in social media
    Praise for posts and videos with Lars Wallin

With a poster campaign for the Alexandrov Klum exhibition LG SIGNATURE and the 88" 8K OLED TV made the move into the public space.

Artist duo Alexandrov Klum are best known for amazing photography and videos of nature and wildlife, and always push to challenge the limitations for how modern technology can be used for artistic purposes and to strengthen their visual expression. With the LG SIGNATURE 88" OLED TV they were for the fist time able to exhibit moving imagery in extreme 8K resolution, and work in a format with sharpness and detailed rendition that is difficult to imagine to anyone who hasn't actually experienced it live in front of the TV. GK produced and promoted a pop-up exhibition that was on display in central Stockholm, at Sergelgatans Konsthall, for two well-visited weeks.