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Advertising and campaigns

Our creative campaign specialists bring strategies to life and create concepts that shift behaviors and change attitudes.

Our experienced Scandinavian team has developed numerous award-winning advertising campaigns for both public and private companies. From pinpoint initiatives to major national awareness campaigns, we deliver campaigns that have an impact on the social debate and involve and engage the target group across channels and platforms – TV, radio, print media, web, and SoMe.

Among other things, we deliver:

  • Campaign strategy
  • Creative concept development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Campaigns on traditional, digital and social media
  • Campaign pages and websites
  • Advertising films, print and banner ads, etc.
  • Events and PR Stunts

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We have been creating campaigns that shift behaviors and attitudes across Scandinavia for more than 30 years. And even though every challenge is unique, we have most likely gained some similar experiences along the way, which will also be relevant to you.

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