Which story do you want to tell?

Everyone has a story to tell. If told well enough others will gladly tell the story for you.

Which story do you remember? Why do you remember that particular story? Perhaps it was the story itself or perhaps the narrator? Or perhaps the fact that you heard the story at that exact moment? Everybody has a story with potential to be remembered.

Media landscape has changed dramatically, and we consume news in a complete different way than before. To make your story reach the people you wish to talk to, you need to know how the story should be told. The best stories live its own lives – not paid for or forced through in any other way. These stories can move mountains! They can move people and touch your most important stakeholders. And they can make you reach your goals.

Our job is to awake these stories. Uncover them. Tell them in the right channels. In the right way. Make people listen to you, and when they do: Make sure you tell the story with confidence.

A brand is a product of the stories told about it. That could be stories about products, about people or about culture. The greatest impact does not come from the stories you tell, but from the stories others tell about you. That is why PR is all about getting the right stories through, and why PR often is considered the most important element in the market mix.


Geelmuyden Kiese’s services:

  • PR and press office
  • Campaigns in traditional, social and digital channels
  • Creative concepts
  • Storymaking
  • Media training
  • Media lists
  • Press releases and media pitching
  • Press conferences and media meetings
  • Product seeding
  • Events, showroom and PR stunts
  • Monitoring and reports