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Digital Communication & Social

Our digital specialists work with innovative digital communication consulting that makes
a difference for users and brands alike.

Our experienced Scandinavian digital team has created countless digital campaigns and solutions in close collaboration with our colleagues. At GK, digital rarely stands alone; instead, it is conceived as part of a larger narrative. We work in the intersections between communication, UX, design and technology. From social media strategies and campaigns to user-centric digital communication strategy processes to the design and development of digital web solutions or apps.

Our services include:

  • Social media, communications and marketing strategy
  • Social media content plans
  • Organic and paid social media campaigns
  • Digital UX and design
  • Development of campaign pages and websites
  • Information architecture for large websites
  • Collection and synthesis of user insights
  • Documentation and development of user journeys
  • Digital competitor benchmarking

Strategic and digital communication consulting in connection with
major digital projects and RFPs

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