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Insight and analysis

In an increasingly complex world, businesses need more and better information to be able to make the right long-range decisions. We believe that better information leads to better decisions and a better society overall. That’s why working on insights is the basis for everything we do.

We have a wide body of expertise among our staff, ranging from data and statistical experts to experienced journalists, editors and politicians. We conduct both quantitative and qualitative analyses, and usually both. We help our customers to understand the information they already have and to collect the information they still need.

Our services include:

  • Questionnaires and market surveys
  • Static analyses
  • Focus groups and qualitative interviews
  • Political analyses and stakeholder analyses
  • Mapping and analysis of customer journeys
  • Monitoring and analysis of traditional and social media
  • Risk assessments
  • Target group analysis and digital personas
  • Journalistic investigations

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We offer the same thorough analyses that in the past you could only get from analysis agencies. We also have the necessary understanding to help your business based on the insights you gain. Contact us for a no-obligation quote or to discuss how we can help you