The Truck Drivers Mother

Client: The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority / The social partners within the transportation sector (NHO Transport, NHO Reiseliv, NHO Logistikk og Transport, Arbeidsmandsforbundet, Virke, Postko, NJF, Statens Vegvesen, Spekter, Norges Lastebileierforbund, Yrkestrafikkforbundet, ITF, NNN, Arbeidstilsynet)

Budget: Approximately 350 000€

«The Truck Driver’s Mother», main film:

Case film:

Campaign summary:

«The Truck Driver’s Mother» is the story of how Anna Gorzynik, the mother of a Polish truck driver,helped Norwegian authorities reach out through media all over Europe with the message of specific regulations when driving goods in Norway.

«The Truck Driver’s Mother» reached foreign truck drivers and their employers, a group known to beimpossible to reach, through PR and social media. A whole new approach to communicate with this audience, in a way that showed that not only do we have important information for them – we care for them and want them to be safe.


Every day more than 3000 foreign trucks cross the border to Norway. In fact, one out of three truckdrivers at Norwegian roads are foreign – most of them from Eastern Europe. These drivers have little knowledge of the difficult driving conditions, and are three times more prone to accidents. They also lack knowledge of their rights as a worker in Norway, which among other things entitle them to a minimal salary. Therefore many of them are severly underpaid.

Norwegian authorities have tried to reach out to these drivers for years. However, since the drivers often come from countries where they don’t trust authorities, they have not been listening.

So our brief was just that. To reach out to a group of people, working far away from home and that hardly interact with anyone outside of their own little community. We needed to make them aware of the difficult driving conditions, and teach them about their rights when driving in Norway.

But how do one communicate with these drivers? They do after all have a proven record of being notoriously hard to reach. Usually turning a deaf ear to communication from the authorities.

If they don’t listen to us, who would they listen to?

Strategy and idea:

The answer: Their mothers. Even as we grow older, our mothers still have the abillity to tell us off, be strict and make us feel like a misbehaving 10 year old again. Yet, motherly love also represent care, trust and always wanting the best for their children.

And this was almost equivalent to how we wanted our message to come across. Of course we wanted these drivers to straighten up and listen. But we also wanted them to understand that Norwegian authorities care.

A mother teaching her truck driving son about the Norwegian regulations and driving conditions seemed like a perfect idea. But to make it really complicated for ourselves, we wanted the whole thing to be real: A real truck driver and his actual mother on an actual driving assignment on Norwegian roads. So we travelled to Poland to embark on a casting process that was not at all straight forward.

But in the end we found them: Truck driver Lukasz and his mother Anna, nurse and single mother of five children. And now they were about to go on a very special mission together.


Our aim was to reach out to a group of people, working far away from home and that hardly interact with anyone outside of their own little community. When in or on the way to Norway, they still read local news online, visit the same websites and social media as they are used to.

Therefore, both our PR- and social media strategy focused on reaching out in the countries with the largest numbers of drivers coming to Norway. In addition to Poland, these were Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Germany. Since these markets were so important to us, we subtitled the film in these languages to make it as easy and accessible as possible for our audience. The campaign site, where all the rules and regulations were stated in short, was also available in these languages.

«The Truck Driver’s Mother» was launched early November 2016 with an event in one of Oslo’slargest cinemas. Here we had invited media from both Norway and Poland, and had the attendance of Lukasz and his mother as well as the Norwegian minister of Labour and Social Affairs.

Here the media got the chance to see the film for the first time, and get firsthand information from both client and authorities on why we were doing this and the importance of reaching out to these drivers.

The campaign site and the film were simultaneously launched online and through Facebook. This to ensure that the film would go viral and reach our audience at the same time as they read news about it.


«The Truck Driver’s Mother» quickly got the attention of both truck drivers and their employers. Within few weeks the film had been seen, and had generated media attention, all over Europe.

«The Truck Driver’s Mother» featured on the largest news channel in both Norway and Poland, and the total of media clippings have an estimated online readership of 32 million. The film has been seen by more than 5,1 million people, with ten thousands of shares and comments. The campaign site has had visitors from more than 90 different nationalties, with the top five visiting markets being the ones most vital to us.


Two weeks into the campaign period, we actually received enquieries from both Croatian, Macedonian and Latvian transportation authorities on whether we could provide the film on these languages as well (which we of course made sure of). A clear sign of the campaign being seen as both useful and engaging.

In the end, it is safe to say that Anna Gorzynik, «The Truck Driver’s Mother», have helped us reach our goal of teaching thousands of foreign drivers the importance of regulations and driving conditions in Norway.