The Truck Driver’s Mother

This is the story of how Anna Gorzynik, the mother of a polish truck driver, helped Norwegian authorities reach out with an important message to foreign truck drivers in Norway.

Every day more than 3000 foreign trucks cross the border to Norway. In fact, one out of three truckdrivers at Norwegian roads are foreign – most of them from Eastern Europe. These drivers have little knowledge of the difficult driving conditions, and are three times more prone to accidents. They also lack knowledge of their rights as a worker in Norway, which among other things entitle them to a minimal salary. Therefore many of them are severly underpaid.

Norwegian authorities have tried to reach out to these drivers for years. However, since the drivers often come from countries where they don’t trust authorities, they have not been listening.

«The Truck Driver’s Mother» reached foreign truck drivers and their employers, through PR and social media. A whole new approach to communicate with this audience, in a way that showed that not only do we have important information for them – we care for them and want them to be safe.