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Disabled People's Organisations Denmark

Stronger together

We engaged stakeholders, members and other Danes in a new narrative about life with disabilities and re-established Disabled People's Organisations Denmark (DPOD) as a powerful movement that cannot, and must not, be ignored.

The challenge

Disabilities can be stigmatising and lead to discrimination in the labour market and in one's social life. We helped Disabled People's Organisations Denmark to create a unifying story and make the cause of the disabled a cause we can all get behind.

Strategy and execution

We ran a national campaign on social media to gather members, stakeholders and others around the disabled cause. We developed a co-narrator concept that made it easy for other organisations and companies to support the cause. We also ensured extensive publicity and support from key stakeholders through a comprehensive outreach programme.


The campaign culminated in International Disability Day, where the whole of Denmark sent a greeting to people with disabilities. From ministers and leading opposition politicians to mayors, trade unions and civilians alike. The disabled cause, after all, is no small matter – it affects all of us.



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