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Restart Football

We got football enthusiasts across the country excited, topped Twitter’s trend list, and delivered the final push for a faster political reopening of association football and more spectators at the European Championships on the home field.

The challenge

Association football was not at the front of the reopening queue as Denmark slowly opened up after COVID-19. We helped DBU, DBU Bredde, the Division Association and the Women’s Division Association to unite Danish Football for a political appeal to reopen the pitches and restart football.

Strategy and execution

We created a national campaign that brought together football clubs, fans and players of all ages in a unified appeal to Danish politicians. Videos, full-page newspaper ads and ads on social media ensured that the message got through and footballers' voices were heard.


#genstartfodbold topped Twitter’s trend lists on launch day with both football clubs and fans sharing the campaign and Danish politicians taking the campaign's message to heart. Twenty-four hours after the launch, assembly restrictions on association football were lifted and after XXXX weeks, spectators were once again allowed to enter the stadium and an agreement was reached for a minimum of 15,000 spectators at the European Championships at Parken Stadium.



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