January 8, 2020

BCW Sport in the Nordics completes transfer to Geelmuyden Kiese

The partner and director of BCW Sport in the Nordics, Ronnie Hansen, has completed a transfer, with staff and clients, to leading Scandinavian agency Geelmuyden Kiese to create the leading advisor within sport and entertainment in the Nordics.

All current clients have joined Hansen and his team in the move, securing Geelmuyden Kiese and the Ketchum Sports affiliate network a wide range of global and Scandinavian clients within the areas of classic sports rights holders and federations, music festivals and the company’s strong positioning in esports and host city outreach.

“I see the opportunity to create the ultimate department in the field of entertainment, combining our well-documented core competencies in host city outreach, analysis and strategy development with GK’s extreme strengths in communications, PA and the creative field. Particularly, I am very pleased that all of our existing customers have chosen to follow us from BCW into the new GK set-up,” Ronnie Hansen.

Hansen has been director of Burson, Cohn & Wolfe Nordic (BCW Nordic), where he for three years has handled Nordic and international customers within sports, culture and entertainment. With him, he brings four employees who all have been involved in the development of a successful business that has delivered growth and profits every year.

With the move, Geelmuyden Kiese is expanding its focus on sports, culture and entertainment and is significantly upgrading what now has become Scandinavia’s largest specialized advisory unit for sports, culture and entertainment. The unit will combine strong competencies within communication, PA, host city outreach, analysis and strategy development.

“Years ago, we saw an opportunity in the market, and since our entry, we have gained some fascinating customers. We are constantly involved in strategy and communication in connection with some of the world’s biggest sporting events, and our customer relationships cover a wide range of professional athletes, TV players, sports betting companies and nationwide associations and unions. With the expansion, we are adding the leading forces within documentation, analysis and attraction of events around the world,” managing partner of Geelmuyden Kiese, Hans Geelmuyden.

Geelmuyden Kiese already has a wide customer portfolio in sports, culture and entertainment, including broadcasters, the sports betting industry, sports organizations, esports, equipment manufacturers and professional athletes. With the expansion, the department also acquires customers and strong competencies in the music and festival industry, cultural economics and analysis alongside a globally leading outreach department – the discipline where rightsholders in sporting and cultural events provide hosting rights to cities, countries and venues.

The expansion of the team takes effect immediately.