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Our goals

We engaged experts, companies and ordinary Danes in months of debate on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, gathered thousands of comments and helped to ensure that Our Goals became a guideline for Denmark’s official policy development.

The challenge

Few of us have the resources to save the whole world. Which is perhaps why, despite extensive publicity, the UN's Sustainable Development Goals have been seen as irrelevant to most people. We turned the debate upside down and helped Statistics Denmark and the 2030 panel show that Sustainable Development Goals are also Our Goals.

Strategy and execution

We ran a data-driven national campaign showing that Denmark still has a long way to go to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, whether it be equal pay or biodiversity. We involved experts, companies and ordinary Danes in areas where the social debate has already been initiated and created the world’s first popular and inclusive Sustainable Development Goals Project.


In six months, we created a national movement, generated more than one hundred press stories, debates on national radio and more than 6,000 concrete suggestions for the development of Our Goals.
In autumn 2020, these goals became Denmark’s official measuring points for the Sustainable Development Goals and a guideline for Denmark’s official policy development.





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