June 3, 2020

Geelmuyden Keise and KMD collaborate on COVID-19 testing for professional sports and production

Geelmuyden Kiese is proud to announce its partnership with Danish tech leader KMD to provide smart, CE certified and efficient Covid-19 test solutions for the professional sports, culture, and entertainment industry. The test is already being used in the Danish top tier football league, Superligaen.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Danish MedTech company Qlife, owned by KMD, has adapted their biomarker test technology to perform quick and efficient testing of the RNA found on SARS-CoV-2 virus with precision on par with laboratory tests performed in hospitals and central laboratories. ​

​The technology, called Egoo Health, has now been implemented by the Danish professional football league (3F Superliga), becoming a guiding light and an inspiration for professional sports, film productions and event organizations to return to business, quickly, efficiently and most importantly safely. ​

​The Scandinavian communications agency Geelmuyden Kiese with deep roots and knowhow in the sports, culture, and entertainment industry, has been appointed exclusive partner of the Egoo Health Technology to help professional event and league organizers return to competition as soon as possible. ​

​- At Geelmuyden Kiese we are an active participant in the industry and cherish the opportunity to help professional event and league organizers return to business as soon as possible. The opportunities with the test kit from Qlife/KMD are great news for everyone in the sports, culture, and entertainment business. They now have an opportunity to reopen under controlled circumstances without risking the health of the participants, says Ronnie Hansen, Director of Sports, Culture and Entertainment at Geelmuyden Kiese.

– We are extremely pleased that with our expertise in medical and computer technology we can offer a simple and secure test method. We are proud to have reopened the the Danish professional football league, and we hope that our collaboration with Geelmuyden Kiese can help us get in touch with other leagues, organizations or events with similar needs for a testing solution, says Christian Binggeli-Winter, Vice President for Data, IM & Analytics at KMD.

The testing technology currently used, utilizes equipment that requires long hours of processing, with additional transport and administration time. The Egoo Health Technology secures a tailored approach that ensures quick and accurate results. It removes burden and responsibility from the public health system and ensures a streamlined process for distribution of results, that can be shared with medical staff and event authorities privately and seamlessly.

The Egoo Health technology closely follows European guidelines; it has an ISO registration and permission to be in the market under CE marking rules. The system also ensures correct handling of data and privacy requirements.

For more information please contact Martin Montes or Ronnie Hansen