August 21, 2018

Did you spot NSBs new electric city car during the «Arendalsweek»?

Before the end of 2018, NSB will launch 250 electrical city cars in Oslo. The goal is that environmentally friendly cars will make it easier for people to manage without owning a car themselves. During this years “Arendalsweek”, the electrical city cars were tested for the first time in Norway.

NSB has made a franchise agreement with the Danish company GreenMobility, who already offer 400 electrical cars for sharing in Copenhagen. The ambition is to have 250 electrical city cars on the roads in Oslo before the end of 2018. The deal is a result of the NSB Groups focus on mobility and door-to-door services.

In Copenhagen, the cars have received a warm welcome and has currently over 29.000 users. Calculations show that GreenMobility has spared the city for 350 tons of CO2-emissions in 2017, and that five percent of the users have sold their own car because of their new city car. NSB hopes that the initiative will contribute to a similar development in Oslo.

During the «Arendalsweek», NSB invited politicians, business leaders and other interested people to be among the first in Norway to test drive the new car. Among the drivers were Minister of Transportation Ketil Solvik-Olsen, Vice Mayor of the City Government for Transportation and Environment in Oslo Lan Marie Nguyen Berg, member of parliament Espen Barth Eide, director at Innovation Norway Anita Krohn Traaseth and CEO of Virke Vibeke Hammer Madsen.