August 22, 2018

The Brønnøysund Register Centre + Innovation = Wealth Creation?

There is a general perception that the private sector has a monopoly to entrepreneurship and innovation. Is it however possible that the public sector could be a contributor to innovation and development as well?

In this debate Lars Peder Brekk form the Brønnøysund Register Centre, technology expert Silvija Seres, Mona Skaret from Innovation Norway and representatives from IBM and Accenture discussed how the public sector contributes to wealth creation. The chair of the parliaments committee on finance, Henrik Asheim (from the Conservative party), moderated the debate.

Firstly, Brekk explained how the Brønnøysund Register Centre works to further digitalize and streamline their services. Among other things, BRC has launched a cooperation with Oslo Metropolitan University and IBM to develop blockchain technology. The technology will enable all platforms, both public and private, to connect and communicate better even better and smoother.

AltInn, an internet portal managed by the Brønnøysund Register Centre, also wishes to use blockchain technology. Through, use of this new technology, AltInn will enable people to use one portal only, no matter if you’re a e a business owner, an entrepreneur or just an employee on sick leave. There is no doubt that there are huge advantages from getting rid of unnecessary forms, bureaucracy and reports.

At the end the panel agreed business leaders who take risks, and who are brave enough to never stop innovating and invest further is key, to speeding up our digitalization and entrepreneurship. Further, the panel also agreed that with forward leaning initiatives, like the Brønnøysund Register Centres focus on blockchain technology, the public sector can contribute largely to wealth creation and innovation, as well as the private sector. 

Written by Ola Svenneby