July 8, 2020

Geelmuyden Kiese releases an action plan for increased diversity

Oslo 6th of July 2020: The communication agency Geelmuyden Kiese is releasing a ten-point action plan for increased diversity in the organization.

  • We have been working for diversity in Geelmuyden Kiese since our inception in 1989, as we are convinced that diversity is a preconception for excellent creativity. Moreover, we believe that diversity is profitable. The recent debate has displayed that we need more explicit internal guidelines to ensure increased diversity in the company, says CEO Hans Geelmuyden.

As a result, the partnership in GK is releasing, as of today 8th of July, ten specific measures to ensure increased diversity in the company and strengthen GK as the most relevant communication agency in Scandinavia.

  • We are working for a transparent society in Geelmuyden Kiese. We know that better information result in better decisions and a better society. As communication advisors to some of the largest society-shaping firms and organizations in Scandinavia and the world, we carry a distinct responsibility to create solutions which reflect and strengthen the society we are a part of.

Ten measures for increased diversity

  1. Expressed Targets: As a part of the ongoing strategy process GK will develop an overarching diversity strategy and set targets for diversity at GK. This includes targets in relation to gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and age.
  2. Increased Diversity Data and Reporting: To support a targeted and data-driven approach to our work with inclusion and diversity, GK will measure diversity and inclusion as part of the annual workplace assessments. Data from the surveys will be included in GK’s annual reports
  3. Non-biased Job Adverts. All job adverts will be assessed for unintended lingual bias before being posted. The assessments will be based on accessible knowledge on the area.
  4. We Encourage Everyone to Apply. All job adverts will feature a section which encourages all qualified applicants to apply for the position regardless of their gender, ethnicity, age, disability or sexual orientation
  5. Anonymized Applications: All incoming applications will be anonymized (for personal data, i.e. name, picture, or other relevant identifying markers) prior to the assessment of whether the applicant will be called in for a first interview. The anonymization will minimize unconscious biases and ensure that the selection of applicants will be based solely on merits and competencies.
  6. From “Culture fit” to “Culture add”. Inspired by Google we will add an assessment of the applicant’s potential contribution to the company culture to the overall evaluation of the applicant. We have always strived to achieve diversity at the level of the diversity at Mos Eisley’s Cantina in Star Wars. These are initiatives which actively support the journey to get there.
  7. Management Training. We increase our investments in management training directed at inclusion and diversity management. Training programs set to start in August 2020.
  8. Head of Diversity. Diversity will be made a distinct area of responsibility under HR in GK. The Head of Diversity in each market will report directly to the country management and have the overall responsibility of implementing the new initiatives at GK’s offices.
  9. Diversity in Teams. We will establish principles for diversity in client project teams and will in larger client relationships stipulate demands on team diversity in relation to gender, age and background.
  10. Whistleblower Platform. Our existing whistleblower platform for reporting bullying and harassment at the workplace will be expanded to also include concerns regarding inclusion and diversity. It will be made clear in the Employee Manual how employees can safely report any concerns to either the person’s immediate manager or staff-elected representatives.