August 3, 2020

Karne Lykkebo is the new managing partner of the Geelmuyden Kiese Group

Karne Lykkebo, Hans Geelmuyden & Marit Høvik Hartmann

Today, Karne Lykkebo took over as managing partner of the Geelmuyden Kiese (GK) Group Lykkebo will also continue as managing partner of GK’s Danish operations. Furthermore, Marit Høvik Hartmann is taking over as managing partner of GK Norway. Hans Geelmuyden is withdrawing from daily management. He will remain the main owner and chairman of the GK Group and a senior adviser at GK Norway.

Geelmuyden Kiese was founded by Jo Kiese and Hans Geelmuyden in January 1989. Geelmuyden has been managing partner of the group since its inception. From May 2018, he has also been the head of GK in Norway. In 2019, the GK Group had a turnover of MNOK 221 and a net profit of MNOK 8.4. The company has 130 employees and made a net profit the first half of 2020.

“Karne has led a successful turnaround of the Danish office in the past two years. She has also been charge of developing GK into a Scandinavian society agency. Hence, it was natural to ask her to take the reins going forward. The debate about diversity and integration this June in Norway has accelerated my decision to give younger forces more room. If you are standing still, you will be shot,” Hans Geelmuyden said.

Karne Lykkebo (38) has worked at GK Denmark for nine years. She has been a partner the past four years and a member of GK’s Scandinavian management group since June 2018. Previously, Lykkebo has been a TV-facilitator, editor-in-chief for numerous magazines and head of development at Aller. She has a broad background from communications and is an advisor on everything from campaign concepts to brand building, PR, and crisis and issues management.

“At GK we are over 100 creative heads who is building communication every day that changes attitudes, moves market shares, and creates change in our society. It is a terrific privilege to be able to spearhead so many skilled people across the borders. I am looking forward to developing Geelmuyden Kiese further – because as the world evolves, the need for communication that strengthens openness, sustainability and the interaction between companies, people and society, has never been greater than now, Karne Lykkebo said.

Marit Høvik Hartmann (51) is a partner, a member of the Scandinavian management group since January 2019 and the current chief operating officer of GK Norway. Hartmann has more than 20 years’ experience as an advisor and manager from several Norwegian advertising agencies, including McCann, Leo Burnett, DDB and Dinamo. She has led major interdisciplinary projects within oil and gas, telecoms, finance, FMCG, tourism and public players.

“GK has been a beacon in the Norwegian communications industry for more than 30 years, and will continue to be that. One of GK’s strengths is the diversity of competencies that are collaborating, also across Scandinavia, says Marit Høvik Hartmann.

For questions, please contact Karne Lykkebo at +45 203 16 739, Marit Høvik Hartmann at +47 932 19 320 or Hans Geelmuyden at +47 902 03 484.

About the Geelmuyden Kiese Group

Geelmuyden Kiese is a full-service communications agency with offices in Bergen, Oslo, København and Stockholm. Globally, GK is an exclusive partner of Ketchum, the 4th largest PR-network and with FTI on public affairs, financial communication, and crisis management. GK had at the turn of the year a total staff of 130 people. The full client list is available on the company website. Geelmuyden Kiese is owned and led by partners. The current partners are Mikkel Salgaard Bendtsen, Johan Brandt, Margrethe Geelmuyden, Hans Geelmuyden, Christian Grønning, Marit Høvik Hartmann, Geir Ove Harnes, Karne Lykkebo, Svein Roger Selle and Simon Wallin.