No nudes for you

Teens share nudes on social media daily. They share pictures of themselves, and spread images of others. Sharing your own nudes is perfectly fine if you want to, and send them to someone you trust. However, if someone is pressuring you to share, or share photos of you without your consent, it is not ok. The latter can actually be illegal.

We wanted to get this message through to Norwegian teenagers. Instead of using fear based communication- we chose fruit based.

Through the YouTubers Herman Dahl and Stina Talling, we reminded teenagers that their bananas and melons have rights. That they don´t have to share their banana if they don´t want to. And that it´s illegal for someone to share a picture of their melons without consent.

In addition, we lunched a GIF series for those who feel pressured in to sending nudes. Some of the GIFs were printed on merch for the most eager followers to wear.